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    Guinness World Record Holder
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    Lyricisit for more than 500 light music songs
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    India Book of Records for SULALITHAM
    Maximum Light Music Songs Composed and Posted on YouTube for Longest duration!
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    Invented 'Mridu' & 'Sadh Mridangam'
    New Percussion Instrument in 2013
    An Innovative Step Forward
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    Leading Artist in Percussion
    South Indian Instruments
    (Mridangam & Mridu)


Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan is a percussionist, innovator, organizer, teacher, fusion programmer, lyricist, music director etc. In this COVID lockdown period, Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan, who is a renowned musician, a multi-talented personality from south India had given relief to many persons across the globe through the music and his creativity.

He is a Guinness World Record holder, popularly known by his birthplace Kuzhalmannam. He is one such person who could achieve mystical heights through Perseverance and Commitment where others could never imagine about. He is primarily a south Indian classical percussion instrument player, however, his multi-talents in various art forms, singing painting, drawing, lyrical writing, music composing, acting and art direction make him a unique personality among others.

Since March 2020, he has been releasing light music songs named SULALITHAM, which is a lockdown series of songs written and composed by him. He makes other talents around the world involved in the series which gives exposure to many during this difficult situation, which is a big relief to the artists. Sulalitham is completing its 500 episodes in August 2021.

Through YouTube channel, “Centre of Music & Arts” and other social media sites, his creations are enjoyed by millions of diversified audiences. It adds more joy that he himself does the presenting, editing, recording and publishing through his mobile phone with limited capabilities. However, the quality of the music or its video were never compromised.

He has been Mridangam in charge for a nonstop continuous 37 years for the grand music festival of Kerala, the Chembai Music Festival. Last year in 2020, due to the restrictions, Music Festival has confined to a single day event. But, in order to keep the saga continued, he had organized online music festival for 15 days through his YouTube channel, which had given great opportunity to the Carnatic fraternity from different parts of the country to participate and perform.

In addition, he could also give free Mridangam classes and his Guinness world record experiences which was uploaded through his YouTube channel as 250 episodes. Thus, he could be a strong pillar to many in this difficult time of pandemic by spreading the core Indian Culture of music experience.

His experiments on the traditionally used wooden Mridangam, to a more natural friendly (non wooden), weight less and easily dismountable Mridangam is a classic example of commitment to the Music. The instrument is called Sadh Mridangam, for which he had received patent from Government of India in Jan 2016. In 2004, he made a record by continuous performance of 36 hours long, in 2005, he himself crossed the limit by performing continuously for 101 hours and again in 2008, he challenged the record by continuous playing of 301 hours. As part of the musical therapy treatment experiment, he did a Rhythm Therapy of continuous performance of 501 hours in 21 days is still a never breakable attempt, which is yet another feather on his cap.

Ramakrishnan has performed across India and abroad and shared stages with well-known artists rendering magical performances and entertaining public for the past four decades. He holds many accolades to name a few Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Award in 2013, Prasarbharathi’s AIR Top grade in Mridangam, Gold medal in National Youth Festival, Asthana Vidwan of Kanchi Kamakodi Peetom etc.

Significant Contribution of the Applicant

  • Four individual world records by giving magnificent performances for social cause and world peace.
  • Rhythm Therapy a 501 hours (21 days) nonstop performance at Nandavanam hospital, Ottapalam to experiment the effect of Rhythm as an alternative therapy. This therapy created entry to Guinness World Records in two categories – Long Solo Concert and Hand Drum Marathon.
  • After 8 years of research, he redesigned Mridangam called Mridu in 2013, which is a weightless percussion instrument that can be carried easily for fusion programs.
  • Mridu Tharang a composition of fusion by himself using the new instrument is highly appreciated by music lovers worldwide.

Contribution to the field

  • Popularised the ancient instrument Mridangam by entering Guinness Limca world record for performing 36 hours nonstop for Cancer awareness campaign in July 2004.
  • Rhythm for peace a 101 hour continuous playing for spreading the message anti-violence in Kannur, Kerala in May 2005.
  • Solo concert of 301 hours in August 2008 at Coimbatore to popularize Indian Rhythm and Mridangam among the young generation.
  • In August 2015, another version of Mridangam called Sadh Mridangam was made using stainless steel rails interconnecting two sides. Any sruti (pitch) can be adjusted to this instrument, which is a big relief to the artists globally.

Contribution to the Society

  • During the Corona Pandemic Situation, Ramakrishnan is running a YouTube channel named Centre of Music and Arts, where free Mridangam classes are uploaded for students.
  • His own creations of around 500 Light music songs as SULALITHAM sung by various upcoming and established artists were uploaded.
  • Made documentary of his Paintings and Short films.
  • He has a music institution Centre of Music and Arts in Kuzhalmannam, where students are taught various art forms and music.
  • Conducted many live sessions that up brings our traditional culture and to popularise the art form Mridangam among the young generation.

State Awards

  • First Prize in Kerala State Youth Festival in 1984
  • Vaadya Ratna by Kannur Sangeetha Sabha
  • Human Wonder Award by Sangam Kala Group
  • Naadha Rathna by Chembai Smriti Trust Ottapalam.
  • Mridanga Vaadhya Kalathilakam by Kerala Brahmana Sabha
  • Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Award in 2013.
  • Mandadri Puraskar from the esteemed Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Devaswom in Jan 2019

National Awards

  • Gold medal in National Youth Festival
  • Deva Vadya Visharat by AVP Trust Coimbatore
  • Vaadhya Samrat of Sreekrishna Seva Sangh, Pune
  • Asthana Vidwan by Kanchi Kamakoti Peetom
  • Patent office of Central Govt awarded patent for the unique design on the innovation of Sadh Mridangam in May 2018.

International Awards

  • Outstanding Person of 2008 by Palpak, Kuwait
  • Acharya of Ekta Navaratri Music Festival Sharjah
  • Guinness world record for performing 36 hours nonstop in July 2004.
  • Limca book of records for continuous playing of 101 hours in May 2005.
  • Guinness world record for Solo concert of 301 hours in August 2008.
  • Guinness world record for Rhythm Therapy - a 501 hours (21 days) nonstop performance to experiment the effect of Rhythm as an alternative therapy.
  • Honorary degree of Doctor in Record Breaking by World Records University, London in 2015.


  • Leading artist in percussion -South Indian Instruments (Mridangam & Mridu).
  • Guinness World Record for Longest performance in percussion instrument (5 Records since 2004).
  • Guinness World Record Holder in longest solo concert- 501 hrs. Also holds record of longest hand drumming
           (21 days continuous performance in 2009).
  • An innovative step forward - Introduced 'Mridu', a unique percussion instrument in 2013.
  • Top grade Artist - All India Radio, Prasar Bharathi.
  • 'Kalashree - 2013' - Award from Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi.
  • In-charge of Percussion - Guruvayur Chembai Sangeetholsavam.
  • Lead role in film - Neerajanam - 2012.
  • Art & Mural Paintings, Exhibitions - Completed more than 50 works, theme based Indian Music.

The Maestro

Dr. Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan is a phenomenon in the field of percussion instrument of South India. He is the one and only artist in the world, performed more than 500 hours...



His stage performances begun at the age of 10 and continues with dedication for the past 3 decades. In his artistic career he has been accompanied with well renowned veteran artists,..


Painting Gallery

Dr. Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan is also a well known painter, more than 50 oil paintings painted, most of them are related to music. The works like “Madhuvanthi”,“72 Ragas”,”35 Thaalas”,National Integrity,etc.